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Business Owners Tour: Introduction

What is Adobe Business Catalyst?

Technically speaking, Adobe Business Catalyst is Software As A Service (SAAS) - a hosted application built for business owners like you that will allow you to manage all aspects of your online businesses. In plain english - it is content management system on steroids but I like to refer to it as "the secret weapon".



Introduction to Your Online Business


Why Should You Use Business Catalyst?


As a web designer and web developer, using this unified platform and without back-end coding, I can build you everything from to lead generation mini-sites to powerful online stores in less time and for less money. As a business owner, you get to take advantage of the technologies behind the system from one central login. This also allows you to take control of your online business, spend more time working on your business instead of in your business and in doing so, gain a signficant advantage over your competition.


And Business Catalyst is not just for business owners looking to sell products online. Those of you selling a service or invovled in non-profit organizations will be blown away at how easy it is for you to update and manage your content like blogs, forums and web forms, reach your market using email marketing, build and capture leads and make informed business decisions based on up-to-date reporting and analytics - all under one system.


No More Mulitple logins! No More Software Upgrades or 3rd Party Plugins to Worry About!


That's right, I'll say that again - NO MORE MULTIPLE LOGINS, NO MORE UPDATES, NO 3rd PARTY PLUG-INS.


Most of us have been there - trying to deal with a separate logins for several components of our online business. One for content, one for newsletters, one for your online shop, etc. Factor in ugly platform updates, security patches, 3rd party plug-ins and flakey programmers on open-source systems and you or your web guy/gal end up spending much of your valuable time and resources just maintaining it. And getting support for these systems is like eating glass.


Business Catalyst is backed by Adobe, the most trusted design software company in the world and it's constantly being upgraded and improved - at no further cost to you or me. All that for one small monthy fee only slightly higher than traditional hosting fees.


And if you need training or help with any aspects of the system you have confidence knowing that I use this system everyday for my own businesses and for my clients businesses too. And if I don't have the answer, Business Catalyst's expert team of superhero nerds are at arms reach 24/7.


All I ask is that you take a tour of the complete system, watch the introductory videos and if that doesn't convince you, test it out yourself for free by taking our 30 day free trial! You have the option of building a site from scratch, using one the existing templates or you can even import your exsiting site in minutes.




Are You a Web Designer / Graphic Designer?

Did you now that you can sell Adobe Business Catalyst to your own clients too? There's a bunch of really cool reasons to partner with Pixel Soup. Find out more...


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