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As a local Calgary web designer and owner of Pixel Soup Design Studio, I have been delivering creative website design, graphic design, internet marketing and online business solutions to my clients since 2003. But generally speaking, what I really do is help your business grow by discovering what your needs are and transforming your ideas in creative solutions that work. And what I mean by that is every client has a unique set of needs. You may have a new business or an existing one. You may need a web design, a logo design, a business card design, a brochure design, a content management system for your website, an online store or email marketing. Maybe you need some help with social media elements like Facebook, Twitter & blogs or internet marketing strategies like keyword research, search engine optimization and link building implemented. You may need just one, or two or all of those services. And I can provide all of those services for you and more but by first finding out what those needs are and then transforming those ideas into a variety of creative solutions and making recommendations along the way, you end up with a consistent set of professionally designed & developed tools which you can use to help your business grow

If you are still unsure about what I can do for you, please take a look around as you will see many of these tools in action or view my complete list of solutions, some samples from my portfolio or check out my all-in-one online business solution, Adobe Business Catalyst, which will take your static online brochure website and transform it into a powerful marketing tool. Find out more...


You can also check out what's new at Pixel Soup in the news section, view the blogs or follow me on Twitter.


Are You a Web Designer or Graphic Designer?

Did you now that you can sell Adobe Business Catalyst to your clients too? There's a bunch of really good reasons to partner with Pixel Soup. Find out more...


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